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Freyssinet history

Eugène Freyssinet (1879 – 1962) was a French structural and civil engineer whose capacity for creation, invention and research and his non-conformity with existing ideas and doctrines made him one of the most notable engineers in the history of engineering.

The first time he conceived the idea of prestressing was in 1903. The term "prestressing" appeared in 1932 and two years later Freyssinet made a spectacular demonstration of the advantages of prestressing with Le Havre shipping terminal in France.

In 1943, Edme Campenon created the STUP (Engineering Company for the use of Prestressing). The objective was to apply Eugène Freyssinet patents, to disseminate prestressing techniques and its applications, to manufacture prestressing equipment and materials and to provide technical assistance on site.

First, the emphasis was on design in order to contact potential customers. The company started to develop internationally. Some of its most significant projects are bridges over the Marne, Caracas viaducts in Venezuela, the Lake Pontchartrain bridge in the USA, Europe No. 1's radio transmitter in Felsberg in Germany, etc.

Later on, STUP was working on more ambitious projects, requiring greater technical knowledge and human resources. The major construction projects during this period included displacement of the Abu Simbel temple in Egypt, construction of the Gladesville bridge in Australia, Oléron bridge in France, and the Wylfa and Oldburry nuclear power plants in the UK.

Over the next 20 years, the STUP started diversifying its activity, particularly in repairs. That is well known by large and prestigious sites such as the Ekofisk oil platform in the North Sea, the Brotonne cable stayed bridge in France, the beginning of the French nuclear power program, and the Montreal Olympic stadium in Canada.

In 1976, STUP became Freyssinet International (STUP), marking its international vocation and offering homage to the man whose work it was continuing.

Since that period, the emphasis is on technical development and innovation.

Over the years, Freyssinet has become an essential player in many civil engineering fields with high technological content (stay cables, prestressing, heavy lifting, etc.) and is involved in projects well known throughout the world such as the Normandy bridge in France, the Vasco de Gama bridge in Portugal, Cardiff stadium in the United Kingdom, the Hibernia oil platform offshore from Newfoundland, Ting Kau bridge in Hong Kong, etc.

At the end of the 90’s, Freyssinet strengthened its activities through the purchases of specialized companies: Reinforced Earth International - the world leader in mechanically stabilized earth structures in 1998, and Menard - specialized in soil improvement in 1999.

Our global expertise is implemented by locally-based teams and that brought a number of major projects to a successful conclusion.

In 2009, Soletanche Bachy merged with Freyssinet Group to create Soletanche Freyssinet to represent an array of brands and technologies that are unrivalled in the world of specialized civil engineering.

Freyssinet, a subsidiary of VINCI Construction, the major player worldwide in construction and civil engineering, employs more than 5,000 people, have 6,000 projects a year in more than 100 countries and have 75 subsidiaries in 60 countries.

Freyssinet Middle East

Freyssinet operates in the Middle East through wholly owned subsidiaries, offering the full range of expertise and services. Freyssinet Middle East is an important part of the group with a significant and growing share of the group's activity and revenue. Freyssinet Group has been active in the region since the early 1970s, completing many important civil works projects that were managed by the group head office in France. Eventually, in 2000, it became necessary to set up a company in the Middle East in order to offer our clients the most effective services in a rapidly growing market. A local company was the best tool to promote Freyssinet's techniques and focus on clients’ requirements. Since then, the business has been managed by the Regional Office in Dubai through New Build and Reinforced Earth® business units and Foreva divison – Structural repairs and strengthening solutions. Reinforced Earth® business unit is offering following techniques: Mechanically stabilized earth retaining structures (MSE walls), Tech Span® precast custom designed concrete arch system and Soil nailing. Scope of work for New Build business unit is: Post-tensioning for Bridges and Slabs, Construction Methods, Cable Stayed Structures and Bearings and Expansion joints.

The projects are operated by local legal entities, as required by each country. They have been founded in stages. In 2000, Freyssinet Middle East LLC in Abu Dhabi and Freyssinet Gulf LLC in Dubai were established. In 2004, Freyssinet Menard Qatar LLC was formed in Doha. In 2007, we formed Freyssinet Arabian Sea LLC in Oman, and in 2008 we set up Freyssinet Jordan Ltd in Amman. Subsequently, the same year we established Freyssinet Menard Saudi Arabia LLC in Riyadh, and in 2009, Menard Freyssinet Egypt in Cairo. Freyssinet Kuwait was created in 2012.


Freyssinet constantly strives towards improved quality of service and zero accidents on all sites as well as to provide environmentally-friendly solutions.
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Find out about Freyssinet wide range of structures in United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt etc.
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