Freyssinet group has been active in the region since the early 1970s, completing numerous important civil works projects such as The Rehabilitation of the Bubiyan Bridge in Kuwait, the LRT – Dubai Metro in United Arab Emirates, more recently the Jamarat Bridges in Mina in Saudi Arabia, the Al-Safooh Light Tramway system in Dubai and many others.

The Civil work Business Unit in Freyssinet Middle East covers the following activities and services:

  • Design, supply and installation of Post-tensioning systems for bridges, silos water tanks diaphragm walls and ground anchors using proprietary systems: C-Range for round cables and F and B-Ranges for flat cables with PC strands in addition to the Freyssibar system using High tensile strength Bars.
  • Design supply and installation Bridges fittings: Bearings, Expansion Joints and Seismic devices
  • Design and erection of bridges decks using different methods of constructions such as: precast segmental span-span , Incremental Launching, Balanced Cantilevers..etc
  • Design, supply and installation of Stay Cable bridges
  • Lifting and translation of Heavy Load structures.

Freyssinet has more than 260 civil work projects in the region.


Freyssinet constantly strives towards improved quality of service and zero accidents on all sites as well as to provide environmentally-friendly solutions.
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Find out about Freyssinet wide range of structures in United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt etc.
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