All structures, whether belonging to the field of civil engineering structures, residential, industrial or historical buildings, ports, harbors, waterways are susceptible to process of aging and undergo changes over the time that may create them unsuitable for use. Pro-active maintenance scheme will guarantee the optimum service life of the structures and significant reduce overall maintenance cost.

Most vulnerable elements of each structure are their fitting and exposed structural elements, such as the cable stays.

Backed with its experience and expertise in construction of major structures and design of structural fittings, Freyssinet has developed a comprehensive range of technical solutions and services for each stage of structural maintenance scheme:

  • Inspection and structural assessments
    • Site visits and DT/NDT testing
  • Instrumentation
    • Real-time monitoring of structural behavior
  • Special maintenance
    • Replacement of cable stays
    • Replacement of prestressing tendons
    • Replacement of structural fittings (bearings, expansion joints, seismic devices, etc.)
  • Modernization
    • Introduction of new technologies in structural maintenance ( increase of performance and durability of structural fittings and elements )

Foreva®Solutions enable Freyssinet to carry out structural maintenance works in line with the latest innovations and excellence engineering practice, with respect to all environmental requirements.

FOREVA®SOLUTIONS – a turnkey service for the long-term enhancement of your structures.


Freyssinet constantly strives towards improved quality of service and zero accidents on all sites as well as to provide environmentally-friendly solutions.
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