New Orbital Highway


New Orbital Highway – Contract 2, Qatar


TechSpan® system was developed in Reinforced Earth group during 80's and 2015 marked its 30th anniversary since first application in Galicia, Spain. On the Middle East market TechSpan® system was introduced in 1997, for the "Northern Relief Road" project in Qatar. 18 years later as a part of Expressway Program, undertaken by the Public Works Authority of Qatar and "New Orbital Highway and Truck Route" project, the system has experienced a massive success, when the biggest project in its 30 years history was awarded to Freyssinet Menard Qatar. This was in line with the Group's Excellence6 plan, related to the diversification in Reinforced Earth Division business model, in which TechSpan® precast arch system was selected to be one of main directions for the development.

NOH project is a part of the country's road building program and developments related to hosting of 2022 FIFA world cup, aimed at reducing congestion, travel times and environmental impacts. The works related to the protection of Qatar Petroleum pipelines, various utilities owned by Kahraama, telecommunications and other companies, in addition to the construction of bicycle/pedestrian underpasses on 3 out of 4 New Orbital Highway contracts were awarded to our company. For these 3 packages, the job involves 7 different arch types and about total of 18,000 linear meters of structures.

Despite not being the largest by volume, the TechSpan works on Contract 2 are definitely the most challenging in engineering terms. Location is to the West and North of Doha, and this will provide connection between 4 other sections of Client's Expressway Program, namely Contracts 3 and 4 of the New Orbital Highway, Dukhan Highway, North Road and North Relief Road projects. The NOH Contract 2 has been awarded in December 2014 to joint venture of QDVC and Bin Omran Group. The overall project works should be completed by May 2017, with considerations for likely extensions of one year.

The TechSpan® works on Contract 2 require almost 1,500 linear meters of structures and include four different arch types, with following dimensions:

  1. P21 arch type > Internal span = 21m; Internal height = 8m; Arch section depth = 450mm – arch assembled of 2 precast segments;
  2. P13 arch type > Internal span = 13m; Internal height = 4m; Arch section depth = 350mm – single piece arch;
  3. P10 arch type > Internal span = 10m; Internal height = 3m; Arch section depth = 250mm – single piece arch;
  4. P09 arch type > Internal span = 9.5m; Internal height = 4.5m; Arch section depth = 300mm – single piece arch.

Reinforced Earth's scope includes structures design, system accessories supply inclusive of moulds for precast of arch segments and specialized lifting gear, and the technical assistance during construction activities. One of the main challenges on the project was to cope with the curved layouts of utilities, which have demanded design of the special tapered precast arch pieces in order to fulfill clearance requirements.