All structures, whether belonging to the field of civil engineering structures, residential, industrial or historical buildings, ports, harbours, waterways are susceptible to process of aging and undergo changes over the time that may create them unsuitable for use. Major cause for structural deterioration and loss of its capacity is generally a corrosion phenomenon.

With more than 60 years of experience in structural repair and protection, Freyssinet as a specialized contractor and offers a guaranteed turnkey service through Foreva®Solutions.

With Foreva®Solutions, Freyssinet can control the progression of corrosion in the structural members at all stages of its development:

  • Incubation Phase
    • Extending the period of protection by surface treatment (Protective coatings and inhibitors)
  • Initiation of corrosion
    • By electro-chemical treatment of the concrete cover on concrete structures (realkalization and chloride extraction)
  • Propagation of corrosion
    • Protecting the steel from the progress of corrosion, without acting on progression on pollution, by different types of galvanic or cathodic protection

Foreva®Solutions for structural protection are in compliance with EN 1504 standard.

FOREVA®SOLUTIONS – a turnkey service for the long-term enhancement of your structures.


Freyssinet constantly strives towards improved quality of service and zero accidents on all sites as well as to provide environmentally-friendly solutions.
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