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Reinforced Earth® is recognized as the inventor of the modern Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining wall system and as a market leader in this industry. Our technique has been recognized as one of the most significant development in civil engineering during the second half of the 20th century. Since its creation 50 years ago, Reinforced Earth® companies have kept alive the pioneering spirit of his inventor Mr Henri Vidal, by continuously enhancing the system to adapt to the industry requirements, with new materials such as the GeoStrap® and EcoStrap™ synthetic soil reinforcement, and with high level of design capabilities.

  • Each of Reinforced Earth’s technologies offers all of these advantages:
  • Long service life due to use of reliable and durable materials;
  • Considerable savings thank to reduced construction time and materials cost, and no maintenance;
  • Aesthetically pleasing structures that blend with the environment and architectural requirements.

With a presence in more than 60 countries and structures built in over 80 countries, Reinforced Earth® proposes products and services that concentrate on a combination of worldwide expertise and accumulated local experience in the design of soil-structure interaction. Our portfolio of techniques applies to a wide range of structures for an extended array of market segments: roads and motorways, environment, railways, hydraulic works, mining, industry, energy, commercial, housing or military.

In the Middle East region, we are offering the following techniques:

Our dedicated teams will bring to the customer their support through each stage of the project: feasibility studies, cost estimates, preliminary and final designs, construction drawings, sourcing and supplying of materials to sites and technical training by experienced staff.



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Freyssinet constantly strives towards improved quality of service and zero accidents on all sites as well as to provide environmentally-friendly solutions.
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