Freyssinet offers Engineering and Contracting services for the construction of bridges decks with a variety of innovative methods such as but not limited to:

  • Incremental launching: Suitable for multiple spans bridges ranging from 30 to 70m and having constant slopes and/or radii. It allows for full optimization of the formwork with no use of scaffolding. This method is suitable for bridges with limited construction access such as crossing bodies of water, deep valleys or live traffic.
  • Cast – in - situ balanced cantilever: Suitable for bridges with long spans ranging from 50 to 250m. it eliminates the use of any scaffolding and optimizes the construction cycles with the advantage of quick and easy relocation to other work fronts. It could also be associated to stay cable bridges
  • Segmental span by span: Very competitive for bridges with a large number of spans up to 50m. Each span is made of precast segments which are erected on site either by using a launching steel gantry when it is needed to be independent from the soil or by setting them on scaffold. It offers high quality fabrication of the segments in a precast yard and a very quick construction cycle. The Light Rail Transit known as Dubai Metro and the Al-Safooh Tramway in Dubai are good examples of bridges built with this method of construction.

Freyssinet constantly strives towards improved quality of service and zero accidents on all sites as well as to provide environmentally-friendly solutions.
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Find out about Freyssinet wide range of structures in United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt etc.
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